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Company Description:

BDP Entertainment, LLC. (BDPe) is an independent production company, specializing in new media and multimedia projects such as: films, television series, digital (web) series, apps and other multimedia projects. Some of the projects have won awards and have has mass viewership, both online as well as television and the big screen.

The company was formed in 1990 by a hungry student still living at home with their parents, working out the garage. It's amazing how many great minds started out in the their family home garage. This starving student created a no-budget short film for IFP, West (now known as Film Independent). The founder, who was also a screenwriter, began entered scripts into a writing contests - won a few and never looked back.

Since the company's inception it has had one owner and run by one person. It wasn't until July of 2010 were several executives and other indie producers brought on board. Now there are over a dozen members and key executives running things at the Los Angeles based BDPe headquarters in Playa Vista, California.

Company management Team:

BLAINE MICHAELS, CEO & President. Mr. Michaels is a filmmaker from the Czech Republic with credits, which include features & short films, radio, television and web productions. He has worked for such companies as DreamWorks, Freemantle and several other production companies. He has also worked in product branding and public relations. He is a creative producer who will provide the company with his development, pre-production expertise as well as his product branding knowledge. BDPe is lucky to have him on the team!

JOE DEAN, Senior Vice President of Operations. Mr. Dean is a graphics artist from the United Kingdom with a laundry list of experience with such companies as Fox Sports Network, MediaOne, Time Warner Cable, DirectTV, to name a few. He specialized in graphic design, special effects (post). He has worked on several projects with Mr. Michaels over the past fifteen years. He will be providing the company with his pre and post production experience. The BDPe family welcomed him with open arms.

MICHELLE BLACKWELL,  Director of New Media.Development. Ms. Blackwell is a writer/producer born and raised in sunny Southern California with a list of credits to include web, radio and television projects. She has worked with both Mr. Michaels and Mr. Dean on nearly a half dozen productions over the past dozen years. She has worked on the production as well as corporate end of the entertainment industry, from Fox Broadcasting to Freemantle and ABC/Disney Radio to Sony Pictures. She loves her BDPe family.

DR. LIZ BRENA, Director of IT/App Building and Systems Network Analyst. Ms. Brena is a former aerospace engineer who retired from the planning out top secret space ships and airplanes only to venture into medicine. After becoming a certified clinical psychologist and practicing for nearly 20 years, she decided to take up yet another new profession. She began a new adventure into the wonderful world of information technology in 2008. After learning how to create script and build websites, she took up the arduous task of figuring out the whole social media game. She's a master and is a great addition to the BDPe family.

 Writer/Producer. Ms. Smiley is a television producer and writer from Detroit Michigan with several productions under her belt, to include an award winning entertainment magazine television show, web and other TV productions. She was he vice-president/co-chair of the Detroit  Michigan Emmy committee for many years. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 where she worked with Ms. Blackwell on a web series and later worked with Mr. Michaels.
She is a welcomed addition to the BDPe family.

Administrative Team:

Lisa Renee Thompson-Smith (Administrative Manager / HR)
Sheena Lizano (Administrative Associate / HR)
Roxanne Imboy (Social Media Department / Production Design)
Mayur Ajay (Production Management / Casting & Production)
Brenda Hernandez (Writer/Producer / Development)
Enrique Mura (DP/Camera/Producer / Unit Production)

This collective of entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals along with the many independent producers, editors, writers and on-camera talent  BDPe has brought together are going to propel the company to the next level. With several upcoming projects, in various stages production/development at the moment (check our productions page), BDPe is sure to be a force in the independent entertainment industry.

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